Why Team Swift?

There are a bazillion Swiss Golden teams out there that promise all kind of things, so why should you join us?

Here are some reason to consider:

1. We don’t want to brag, but we are set up to be the most focused, most serious and most organized Swiss Golden group as you’ll soon find out

2. As an indication of our seriousness, you’ll find our promotions everywhere online. Our marketing personnel is always at work getting us more footage on the internet which means you’re sure to get your two downlines in no time

3. Unlike other groups, we don’t charge you anything to give you your two downlines, you only get to share one of our personal development articles to qualify

4. Also, you only get to contribute 5% of your earnings towards administrative and promotion cost, as against the standard 10% charged by other group

5. We encourage all our members to set their eyes on the 98,000 euros bonus, that’s our collective goal.

6. Our members blog alone is a motivation power house that is sure to impact positively on all aspects of your life

7. By joining team swift, you become a member of a family that is not just bonded by a desire for financial freedom, but also by a desire to give back to humanity.