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Let me start with the boring facts.

Swiss Golden Holdings is conglomerate that’s involved in the production and sales of 24 karats investment gold bars 0f 99.9% purity ranging from 1g to 100g of weight.

They also offer services of delivery and storage of investment gold ingots as well as re-purchase for clients that want cash for their Gold.

The Company is registered in Honk Kong (previously British virgins Island) with the registration number 2157404. Registered address is Unit 1010 Miramar tower 132 Nathan RD TST KLN, Hong Kong.

Administrative Head office is in Stuttgart, Germany (previously London UK). This office handles logistics and sending of gold to clients of Swissgolden.

Office address: 70173, Stuttgart, Königstrasse, 10C, tel: +442081445999.

Web address:

Another administrative office that will be involved in marketing is underway in Switzerland

In Nigeria, Swiss Golden branch Office is at no. Maion house, 36 Stadium/ Rumuola link road Port Harcourt, with another office in Lagos at 73 Adeniyi Jones avenue, Ikeja, Lagos .

Currently, Swissgolden has customers in more than 100 countries around the world!

Every year, Swiss Golden organise conferences and leadership cruises in exotic locations around the world, and here’s one interesting fact, Brian Tracy was one of the speakers in the last year edition.

Pretty cool company, right? Yeah I know.

The question is, where do you and I come in?

This brings us to the more interesting stuff.

Swiss golden’s mission is to make gold affordable to everyone, Irrespective of their level of income. To them, gold as a means of investment shouldn’t be monopolized by the wealthy alone.

So, rather than spend millions of dollars for advertisements and marketing, the company created a marketing program that not only helps them fulfill their mission of helping everyone to be able to afford gold, but one that helps them cut cost as well.

By putting its marketing in the hands of ordinary people, Swiss golden has been able to expand sales to an unprecedented level, while at the same time helping so many people make millions from their generous marketing bonuses, which they pay in gold.

Yes Swiss Golden is a combination of investment and marketing and that’s how the money is made.

First, you invest a down payment of 10% of the value of gold in the online shop, you then invite two people to do the same. Once you invite this two people, you qualify for the generous bonus which will be added to your initial investment to meet up with the total value of gold.

Once you get your bonus, you can get your gold shipped to you, or you can sell it back to the company and withdraw your money into your account.

I know you’re probably crying foul now, ‘but you said investment! Not marketing!

Please let me clarify my position…