Invest N110k In Gold

Make 800% profit in the next couple of months, guaranteed.

Tell Me How

Gold = Financial Independence

Imagine a world where you don’t have to bother about mounting expenses or unpaid bills; where you care less about salaries (even if you’re working to earn them); where you work, not from a desire to just get by through life, but from a place of motivation to contribute your fair share to your society; A world where you belong to the class of the new rich, your income no longer tied to your effort. That’s the world of Swiss Golden.

Team work

Have an opportunity to work with the best Swiss Golden team. Pick our brains and let us guide you on how best to maximize your earnings. Our singular purpose is to see you succeed.

Unlimited Income Potential

Even though you invest only once, your money keeps growing, with a potential to earn as much as N6 million in the next 12 months.

No Marketing Required

We know you hate marketing, and so we’ve cut it off from the deal. For you, this is strictly passive income. We’ll handle all the marketing.

The Business Model

We invest in and market 24 karat gold bars produced by a company called Swiss Golden. SG’s generous marketing reward program has so far created more than a 100 thousand millionaires in Nigeria alone, you could be next.

Photos From 1st Swiss Golden Conference Nigeria, March 2017

International Conference Center, Abuja

Our Mission

Our Mission is to grow our team to 200 millionaires in the next 12 months through Swiss Golden. We’re not just a SG Team, we’re a group of philanthropist who hope to do a lot of good with our earnings. All you need in order to join us is a desire to change your financial reality for good, a commitment to invest once and the ability to apply simple advice in order to maximize your earning.

Make sure you have a savings of at least N110k, a government issued Id card and a proof of address or bank statement

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